Cigarette – Up in $moke

Cigarettes are one of, if not the only thing, we purchase with the intention of deliberately setting it on fire, only to watch it all go up in smoke. I could not even venture a guess as to how many times I lit up a cigarette; only to discover that I already had a half smoked one,smoldering in an ashtray. 

I don’t know how much of a lit cigarette is wasted by just holding it between two fingers or by laying it down in an ashtray. I suspect that a good percentage of our purchase price is simply going up in smoke and being wasted.

That is one of the reasons that it cost so much less to smoke eCigarettes. There is virtually no waste. When you take a drag on an eCigarette, the battery and atomizer are activated. The instant you stop inhaling the nicotine vapor, the battery turns itself off and the atomizer and liquid nicotine become inactive.

Personally, I immediately went from 5 packs of regular tobacco cigarettes per day, to just 2 eCigarette disposable cartridges a day. Each cartridge is equal to between 1 and 1 ½ packs of regular cigarettes. I felt 100% completely satisfied with the amount of nicotine I was ingesting. 


Using me as the sole example, which is not very scientific, 40% of all the regular cigarettes I was buying was being wasted and simply going up in smoke. That’s two full packs every day that were just burning up and I wasn’t even smoking them! That’s almost a monthly car payment. Take this a step further and calculate the amount I was spending on 5 packs of cigarettes each day and compare it to the $5 a day I am currently spending on e-Cigarettes. Now we are definitely talking about the monthly payment for a really nice car.


Now I cannot promise you that you will see a 40% reduction like I did. But I can tell you that you probably will be delightfully surprised by the lower amount of cartridges you smoke, compared to the number of packs of regular cigarettes you were consuming on a daily basis.