Ashtrays Are Completely Optional With eCigarettes

When I first gave up traditional tobacco cigarettes and started ‘smoking’ eCigarettes, I decided to hang onto a few ashtrays. I find it convenient to park an eCigarette in an ashtray, just as I did when I smoked tobacco products.
This way I always know exactly where to reach for my smoke. Since I am not flicking ashes into these ashtrays, there is plenty of room for spare batteries and disposable nicotine cartridges in the ashtray.Another big advantage is that the ashtrays never need to be emptied or washed! I never smoked any tobacco products in the house. My wife found the odor offensive and it irritated her sinuses. Even though I could not smell it, I knew that it made the house smell bad.

We went so far as to have a separate office built just for me that was not even attached to the main house. My personal office was fully climate controlled with it’s own air conditioning and heating.

It had a large attic fan installed in the western most wall to pull the smoke out of the building. We furnished it nicely with two desks and two office chairs, a lazy-boy recliner, a sofa, and several paintings on the walls.

There was a small refrigerator, and I ran cable TV out to my man cave. One of my wife's uncles had a separate workshop he called his "pouting house."

Even thought I was very happy whenever I was in my man cave, I did miss the companionship of the family after dinnertime. They all retired to the living room to watch TV. I would impose a 'self exile' and go back outside and to my private office to smoke and watch a little TV.

That has now changed. Since my eCigarettes have no tobacco, no smoke, no fire, no second-hand smoke, no odor, no ashes and no carbon monoxide, I can now relax in my living room with the family, kick back in my recliner, and puff on an eCigarette without it bothering anyone. I much prefer to spend this quality time with the family.