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A Few Disney Classics

Walt Disney Was Truly an American Icon

Walt Disney was so beloved for his many contributions. He was on the cover of Time Magazine December 27, 1954. The US Postal Service printed a 6 cent stamp honoring Disney in 1968, only two years after his death. Here are just a few still photos of Walt. Scroll down for the Videos.



Pop Quiz


Smoking Cigarettes & other Tobacco products was quite prevalent in Disney films and Cartoons until recently. Children were enticed to try smoking as a result of these Disney films and numerous other movies from different studios. At one time DisneyLand in California even sold tobacco products inside the amusement park.

Which of these Disney characters do you think smoked?


Most of us grew up believing that all Disney cartoons and movies were wholesome family entertainment. Very few of us realized that Walt Disney was a lifelong heavy smoker who died in 1966 at the age of 65.


Even Goofy is Smoking


Goofy Tries to Quit Smoking in this 6 1/2 minute Disney Cartoon 

Candy Cigarettes for Kids


No other industry has had the approval that our government afforded Big Tobacco. As early as the beginning of the 20th Century, our very own government simply looked the other way whenever something involved the tobacco industry.

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