Properly Charge e-Cigarette Batteries for Longer Life

My wife says I have an inquiring mind… I just like to know things. When I first became smoke free, I wanted to know how long an e-cigarette battery would hold a charge. I was such a heavy smoker that I wanted to know for my personal peace of mind. I discovered the battery lasted longer when I initially trained it by charging it overnight. After the initial charge, it would take about 45 minutes to an hour to re-charge.

Don't judge battery life in terms of days or hours. Judge battery life in terms of puffs. Many people draw in smoke differently than others. Some people take shallow puffs while other take deep puffs. I am a deep puff smoker. For me, a fully charged battery lasts for about 10 (plus or minus) cigarettes or about a third of a disposable nicotine cartridge. Simplified, this boils down to about a half a pack of regular tobacco cigarettes. For my own comfort, I invested in three additional batteries so that I knew for sure I would always have one charged and ready to be used. People who take shallow puffs, should also experience about the same battery life as I did. To your smoke free lifestyle, Gregory Weitzel x-5-pack-a-day-smoker