Candy Cigarettes for Kids


No other industry has had the approval that our government afforded Big Tobacco. As early as the beginning of the 20th Century, our very own government simply looked the other way whenever something involved the tobacco industry.

 was allowed to advertise their products as ‘cool’. Smoking was the in thing, if you were not a smoker you were definitely part of a very small minority.


 Tobacco companies not only aimed advertising at adults, they also pre-programmed our youth as to the enjoyment of smoking. The tobacco companies brain washed us by manufacturing and selling candy cigarettes. These candy products looked like real cigarettes and came packaged in what looked like a real pack of cigarettes.


 Candy.Cigarette.Dispenser-2  Popeye-Candy.Cigarette-2

Big Tobacco began soliciting children as early as 1930. Their advertising was brilliant and everywhere. The plan was so simple, get children to use candy cigarettes and when these kids get older, they will be more prone to try real tobacco cigarettes.They also used the power of children’s ‘idols’, including: Superman, Star Trek’s Mr Spock, Spiderman, Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Santa Clause,The Flintstones, The Marlboro Man, Sports Heroes, Joe Camel,Goofy, Bevis & Butt Head and many more.


Using Comic Book and TV Heros, Big tobacco successfully lured children into the habit of "smoking" candy cigarettes. No comic book or cartoon characters were immune to the bombardment of Wall Street's cigarette campaigns. Children's TV programs were monopolized by ads for tobacco cigarettes, setting the stage for future smokers.




The tobacco companies had no reservation when it came to destroying an innocent child's fantasies, big tobacco even used Santa Clause in their ads.