e-Cigarette Irony


It both amuses and amazes me that even after being totally smoke free for this long, thanks to my e-Cigarettes, I still find myself looking for an ashtray to flick the ashes from my e-Cigarette. I chuckle at myself every time this happens. Obviously since I am 'smoking' an e-Cigarette there is no fire, no flame, no smoldering ember, no ash and no smoke.

"Vape or Vaping" rather than Smoking is the correct term to use with an e-Cigarette. 

I even find myself working on the computer or just watching TV and suddenly wanting a smoke. I start to get up and walk outside. Completely forgetting that I can now ‘vape’ my e-Cigarette anywhere in the house.


Just the other day, I went to the movies with my wife, the theater was packed. In the past, when I was a tobacco smoker, I needed to take a smoke break about an hour into the movie. This time, I simply took an e-Cigarette out of my pocket and happily puffed away without ever leaving my seat.