e-Cigarette with Hot Box

As smokers, most of us, have from time to time, created a cigarette ‘Hot Box’ or ‘Fire Box’. Most of the time we did this out of shear boredom, or after experiencing a very frightening experience, or as the result of a major “nicotine fit”. The way to create a Hot Box is tosimply puff deeply on a lit cigarette very hard and very fast, several times. The burning ember will become longer and the smoke will become overheated and somewhat unpleasant.

A Hot Box can also result while indulging in an e-Cigarette. It is created the very same way as with a regular cigarette, several long and hard puffs and viola you have a Hot Box. The easiest and simplest way to avoid a Hot Box is to smoke in a normal relaxed mode. If however you discover yourself making a Hot Box with your e-Cigarette, you might want to install a different disposable cartridge onto a second fresh battery. Now you can swap back and forth between the two e-Cigarettes, without creating a Hot Box.
There are numerous reasons to have several of the rechargeable batteries, most of these reasons boil down to simple convince:

       You can put two different disposable nicotine cartridges on two separate batteries. The two cartridges could be of the same strength, different strengths and/or different flavors. The cartridges come in four different strengths and four different flavors. This gives you 16 different possibilities.

o   Full strength high nicotine, equivalent to a full bodied regular premium cigarette

o   Medium strength nicotine, equal to a light cigarette

o   Low strength nicotine, equal to an ultra light cigarette

o   Zero nicotine, contains absolutely no nicotine at all

o   Flavors are: Tobacco, Menthol, Cherry, Strawberry Vanilla and Coffee

·      You can put two different flavors on two different batteries.

·      You always want to have a fully charged battery available.

·      You might forget to recharge an almost depleted battery before going to bed. Your battery might only have enough power remaining to give you a few puffs before running out of power. You could then find yourself in a pickle the next morning.

·      You always want to be able to enjoy an e-Cigarettes.

·      Running short on disposable cartridges is a dangerous thing, you don’t want to be out of cartridges and in the middle of a nicotine fit. You could easily find yourself breaking down and buying a pack of regular tobacco cigarettes. You don’t ever want to be forced into this position.

·       You also want a backup in case your battery malfunctions.


(Note: the manufacturer provides you with a lifetime 100% guarantee on the batteries, but it would take a few days for the free replacement battery to be shipped to you.)