E-Cigarettes are a Smoking Alternative Product Rather Than a Stop Smoking Product

Electronic Cigarettes are not intended to be the 'End All – Cure All' for cigarette smokers. This is also true of nicotine gum, nicotine lozenges, and transdermal nicotine patches. These three products are intended to only be a nicotine substitute.
Despite the fact that the brand of e-cigarettes

I use enabled me, as a 5-pack-a-day smoker, to become smoke free instantly, electronic cigarettes are intended to be a nicotine substitute. However, the biggest hurtle most people face when attempting to quit smoking is not to just satisfy the craving for nicotine. There is much more to the smoking addiction than just the nicotine.The gum, lozenges and patches all address the body's need for a nicotine fix. What they fail to address is the entire ritual of smoking.

The actual ritual is far far more complex than just a need or want for nicotine. The ritual is a very complex habit that we, as smokers, developed through years of smoking. The holding of a cigarette between two fingers and the hand-to-mouth motion are probably the most obvious parts of the entire ritual that the gum, mints, and patches ignore.

E-cigarettes are dramatically different in that they do satisfy all the parts of the smoking ritual.

E-Cigarettes come in four different strengths:

  • 'High' which emulates a full body cigarette such as Winston Red or Marlboro Red
  • 'Medium strength' which approximates a 'light cigarette'
  • 'Low' which is like an ultra light cigarette
  • 'Zero Strength', which as the name implies is a complete placebo with no nicotine at all

With the 'Zero Strength' e-cigarette, when you take a drag, you still get the vapor, which simulate smoke. However, you get zero nicotine.

Because of the strength differences, simply by gradually moving to a lower nicotine level, more people are able to completely quit smoking by using e-Cigarettes than with any other nicotine substitute product on the market.

You decide if and when you really want to quit. You could continue using e-Cigarettes for the rest of your life.