e-Cigarettes Contain No Carcinogens

 eCigarettes do not contain any known carcinogens. Other than nicotine, there are no know dangerous chemicals in electronic cigarettes.

e-Cigarettes contain:

Artificial flavoring
Propylene glycol or glycerin  (FDA – approved food ingredients)

Electronic cigarettes have no flame, no tobacco, no burning embers, no smoke, no tars, no odor, no carbon monoxide and no second hand smoke.


We are now free to indulge with eCigarettes in many traditional ‘smoking prohibited’ places including:

    Hospital waiting rooms
    Hospital emergency rooms
    Doctors Office
    Airport terminals
    Rental Car Offices
    Movie Theaters
    Non-Smoking Casino Poker Rooms
    Post Office
    Non-Smoking hotel rooms
    My own personal residence, where I have  never lit a traditional tobacco cigarette 
    In other peoples homes, where I would  never have lit up before
    In my own car and other non-smoking  personal vehicles
    Public Transportation including: taxi cabs,  buses, trains, subways and numerous other  means of transportation
    Crowded Sports Stadium  
    College Campus
    And numerous other places, too many to list