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Keeping cigarettes lit is no longer a problem, thanks to flameless e-cigarettes

Tired of lighting up? Try this eCigarette...Smoking in the rain has always been a challenge. If you are caught outdoors in a downpour, I'm not sure if Harry Houdini could keep a cigarette lit. We try to shield it from the falling rain, by cupping our hands around the lit end. Sometimes the rain still seeps between our tightly clenched fingers and douses the glowing ember.
Even if we are successful at keeping the cigarette lit, and it’s rare that we are successful. Once the filter gets soaked, it's almost impossible to get a drag through this wet lump.
Smoking while driving in a car can also present numerous challenges. I always crack a window a few inches when I am smoking in the car. I don’t use the ashtray I flick my ashes out the window. (I know that's not very politically correct, but I do it anyway).
If it’s really raining hard and the wind is coming from my left, the rain will blow into the car through the inch or two I have rolled the window down. Smoking in the car with all the windows tightly closed is extremely uncomfortable, even for me. It’s like being in one of those tiny enclosed rooms where smoking is permitted in an airport. 40 plus people jammed into a room designed to accommodate only 20, and every one of us puffing away like mad.
I can even enjoy an e-Cigarette while ridding my motorcycle. I really like to ride, but a lit tobacco cigarette was always quite a challenge. The ashes would blow into my face and eyes. It's absolutely impossible to light a tobacco cigarette on a moving motorcycle unless you have an electric cigar lighter like you have in your car. You have to pull over in order to light your cigarette. Ridding in a speed boat and countless outdoor activities can now be accomplished when you are using an e-Cigarette.
However, I don't think you should attempt water skiing. If you drop your battery into the water, you can just kiss it good by. The water will completely short out the battery and I doubt that it will work anymore. Another activity that might be a stretch is skydiving. I'm sure if you try hard enough you can come up with a few more things that you probably don't want to attempt while smoking an e-Cigarette. A better use of your time would be to think about all the things and places you can use an e-Cigarette, where you could not smoke a regular tobacco cigarette.