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A Few Disney Classics

Walt Disney Was Truly an American Icon

Walt Disney was so beloved for his many contributions. He was on the cover of Time Magazine December 27, 1954. The US Postal Service printed a 6 cent stamp honoring Disney in 1968, only two years after his death. Here are just a few still photos of Walt. Scroll down for the Videos.



Pop Quiz


Smoking Cigarettes & other Tobacco products was quite prevalent in Disney films and Cartoons until recently. Children were enticed to try smoking as a result of these Disney films and numerous other movies from different studios. At one time DisneyLand in California even sold tobacco products inside the amusement park.

Which of these Disney characters do you think smoked?


Most of us grew up believing that all Disney cartoons and movies were wholesome family entertainment. Very few of us realized that Walt Disney was a lifelong heavy smoker who died in 1966 at the age of 65.


Even Goofy is Smoking


Goofy Tries to Quit Smoking in this 6 1/2 minute Disney Cartoon 

Ashtrays Are Completely Optional With eCigarettes

When I first gave up traditional tobacco cigarettes and started ‘smoking’ eCigarettes, I decided to hang onto a few ashtrays. I find it convenient to park an eCigarette in an ashtray, just as I did when I smoked tobacco products.
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Keeping cigarettes lit is no longer a problem, thanks to flameless e-cigarettes

Tired of lighting up? Try this eCigarette...Smoking in the rain has always been a challenge. If you are caught outdoors in a downpour, I'm not sure if Harry Houdini could keep a cigarette lit. We try to shield it from the falling rain, by cupping our hands around the lit end. Sometimes the rain still seeps between our tightly clenched fingers and douses the glowing ember.
Even if we are successful at keeping the cigarette lit, and it’s rare that we are successful. Once the filter gets soaked, it's almost impossible to get a drag through this wet lump.
Smoking while driving in a car can also present numerous challenges. I always crack a window a few inches when I am smoking in the car. I don’t use the ashtray I flick my ashes out the window. (I know that's not very politically correct, but I do it anyway).
If it’s really raining hard and the wind is coming from my left, the rain will blow into the car through the inch or two I have rolled the window down. Smoking in the car with all the windows tightly closed is extremely uncomfortable, even for me. It’s like being in one of those tiny enclosed rooms where smoking is permitted in an airport. 40 plus people jammed into a room designed to accommodate only 20, and every one of us puffing away like mad.
I can even enjoy an e-Cigarette while ridding my motorcycle. I really like to ride, but a lit tobacco cigarette was always quite a challenge. The ashes would blow into my face and eyes. It's absolutely impossible to light a tobacco cigarette on a moving motorcycle unless you have an electric cigar lighter like you have in your car. You have to pull over in order to light your cigarette. Ridding in a speed boat and countless outdoor activities can now be accomplished when you are using an e-Cigarette.
However, I don't think you should attempt water skiing. If you drop your battery into the water, you can just kiss it good by. The water will completely short out the battery and I doubt that it will work anymore. Another activity that might be a stretch is skydiving. I'm sure if you try hard enough you can come up with a few more things that you probably don't want to attempt while smoking an e-Cigarette. A better use of your time would be to think about all the things and places you can use an e-Cigarette, where you could not smoke a regular tobacco cigarette.

e-Cigarette with Hot Box

As smokers, most of us, have from time to time, created a cigarette ‘Hot Box’ or ‘Fire Box’. Most of the time we did this out of shear boredom, or after experiencing a very frightening experience, or as the result of a major “nicotine fit”. The way to create a Hot Box is to Continue reading

I need a cigarette lighter


Just the other day, I was puttering around in my shed. After about an hour I heard my wife call out to me, "Can I do anything to help you, or can I bring you anything?" I yelled back,"Yes, bring me my e-Cigarettes and a lighter".

Save Some e-Cigarette Butts

Ashtray full of Cigarette ButtsAs silly as it sounds, it's a good idea to save some of your depleted  eCigarette butts. What I am talking about are the nicotine cartridges that you would normally throw away. It's very easy to overlook reordering the nicotine disposable cartridges and suddenly discover you Continue reading

Cigarette – Up in $moke

Cigarettes are one of, if not the only thing, we purchase with the intention of deliberately setting it on fire, only to watch it all go up in smoke. I could not even venture a guess as to how many times I lit up a cigarette; only to discover that I already had a half smoked one, Continue reading

Candy Cigarettes for Kids


No other industry has had the approval that our government afforded Big Tobacco. As early as the beginning of the 20th Century, our very own government simply looked the other way whenever something involved the tobacco industry.

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e-Cigarettes Contain No Carcinogens

 eCigarettes do not contain any known carcinogens. Other than nicotine, there are no know dangerous chemicals in electronic cigarettes.

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e-Cigarette Irony


It both amuses and amazes me that even after being totally smoke free for this long, thanks to my e-Cigarettes, I still find myself looking for an ashtray to flick the ashes from my e-Cigarette. I chuckle at myself every time this happens. Obviously since I am 'smoking' an e-Cigarette there is no fire, no flame, no smoldering ember, no ash and no smoke.

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