If I Can Quit Smoking, You Can Quit!

After 45 years of smoking five pack of cigarettes a day, I thought there was no hope. After having a lung removed, I still would sneak and smoke. After 2 weeks in the hospital with 'atypical' pneumonia and begging them to euthanize me, I committed that I had smokedmy last cigarette. However, shortly after returning home from the hospital, I still lit up. I did not mean to lie. The addiction was too strong for me. Coming home from the Veterans Hospital the first week of November, 2010, we spied a man holding a sign about e-cigarettes in the mall. I had tried e-cigarettes before and was always disappointed. When I took the first drag of this particular e-cigarette, I felt the relief only a smoker knows. This e-cigarette literally saved my life. You can go to their website from here. My wife said my face looked like a child's face at Christmas. She said my eyes widened and my face and body softened like she had not seen in years. I was smoke free instantly! To your smoke free lifestyle, Gregory Weitzel X-5-Pack-a-Day Smoker

3 thoughts on “If I Can Quit Smoking, You Can Quit!

  1. Donna Blevins

    Once again, Gregory, I am so grateful you became smoke-free. In the 25 years we have been together, you are more relaxed than you have even been. I used to hate it when you left me sitting alone in a restaurant to go take a smoke. Now, regardless of where we are, you can use your e-cigarette right there at the table.

    I am so very proud of you.
    Your loving wife and life partner,

  2. Joy Weitzel

    Way to go ! I bet you feel much better now. I’m so proud of you. I truly didn’t think I would live to see
    this momentous victory. Big congrats big brother!

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